Remote computer support from an expert backed up by the option of in-person visits

Remote computer support

Remote Support Voucher

Three remote support sesions, bought in advance, for £40. Each session can then be arranged at a mutually convenient time when help is needed, and by buying in advance you get a big discount on the regular pay as you go price. Buy it here. Vouchers valid for 18 months from purchase.

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What can be repaired?

Many problems can be repaired remotely. As long as it's not a problem with the physical computer, and you are able to boot up and get on the Internet then there's a good chance your software problem can be repaired within the support session. Contact us to enquire if your problem sounds fixable remotely if you're unsure.

How does the voucher work?

How does it work?

Once you buy the voucher we will email you three codes, each to be used once within the next 18 months. When you need support simply email us at with your code to arrange a support session. During the session we will telephone you and you can watch us (hopefully!) fixing your computer.

Remote computer support

Remote support Terms

View the terms of the voucher here.